Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism in Egypt is presented to you today through our website, as Egypt is considered one of the most famous tourist countries in the world, as many tourists visit it throughout the year, and this is because it is characterized by diversity and fabrication in its tourist attractions, and the most important thing that distinguishes Egypt is the presence It is one of its archaeological sites, as Egypt owns about a third of the monuments around the world, because Egypt has been inhabited since ancient times by many different civilizations for more than 7 thousand years.

Besides the archaeological monuments in Egypt, they are characterized by a wonderful atmosphere and charming nature, and many ancient monuments, and there are many types of tourism in Egypt, as there are recreational tourism.

 medical tourism or cultural tourism, and each tourism is characterized by several characteristics or activities of its own from others, and this What makes there a great diversity for tourists makes them want to return again, and today we are talking about the type of cultural tourism in Egypt and how important it is to Egypt and tourists.

Cultural tourism
Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism

is a type of different types of tourism, which is the type that is concerned with the culture of a particular country, the lifestyle of a particular population, the geographic nature of the country, and the population’s past.

 history and civilization, architecture, religion, art, or any other One of the things that has worked to shape the population pattern in that country, and this type of tourism is practiced in urban places, for example.

it is practiced in museums, large cities, historical cities, or theaters, or it can be practiced in some places rural areas that display the indigenous or cultural traditions of that community, as well as their lifestyle and values.

That is, cultural tourism is the movement of a person to areas where there is a great tourist attraction and located outside the country or the region in which he resides, and his movement is with the aim of collecting a lot of information about those areas, and that he acquires many new experiences and that is from In order to meet his cultural needs.

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abu simple temple
abu simple temple

The importance of cultural tourism

There are many side effects that exist when integrating tourism with culture, such as:

It greatly enhances local economic growth.

Cultural tourism creates many job opportunities, because it provides many seasonal jobs.

Its impact on the social sector is quite positive as it reinforces social identity.

Cultural tourism is one of the most important means of learning, and cultural tourism works to add an economic character to the existing cultural monuments.

Tourists come to Egypt from all over the world in order to visit the historical and archaeological sites, and cultural tourism is one of the most traditional types of tourism in Egypt, as it is one of the oldest and most important types of tourism at all and the most famous as well, because there are many museums Historical and ancient monuments, which date back to the oldest civilizations such as the Pharaonic civilization, the Roman civilization, the Greek civilization and other civilizations.

Cultural tourism has started in Egypt since explorers, archaeologists, and authors of books that specialize in tourism began discovering antiquities in Egypt and working on deciphering the pharaonic symbols on them. Since that time, the documentation of the archaeological history of Egypt has begun.

and cultural tourism has risen in a very large way.

The landmarks related to cultural tourism are abundant in some specific tourist areas in Egypt, such as Cairo, Alexandria, Upper Egypt, Giza, Fayoum, Sinai or oases, as it is possible in those areas to visit landmarks that were built thousands of years ago. He considers these ancient monuments to be very closely related to many of the traditions and practices of ancient civilizations.

It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions for cultural tourism in Egypt are the tombs, the vestibule, or the ancient Egyptian temples such as the Abu Simbel temple or such as the Temple of Elephants.

and these temples are where many legends of ancient Egypt are told, and those legends are told in some special atmosphere in Very distinctive sound and light shows, as well as Egyptian museums, which contain many ancient and archaeological pieces that illustrate the greatness of Egyptian antiquities.

There is also among the places of cultural tourism the Egyptian Opera House located in the city of Cairo, and many tourists come to it throughout the year, because the opera houses are characterized by the presence of many cultural centers such as the Center for Creativity and the Musical Library, which has many theaters and offers a lot of Performing arts, or such as the Arts Center.

The pyramids of Giza in Giza are also considered one of the most important tourist attractions, as it is one of the seven wonders of the world, which many tourists visit from its history, and they are impressed by its beauty and know more about the pharaonic history and the history of building the pyramids.

The Egyptian Museum located in the Tahrir area in Cairo and is considered one of the largest museums in all the world, and there are many monuments and many sculptures that date back to very ancient times, and the Egyptian Museum is considered one of the most important areas that many tourists visit throughout the world, And come to visit him from different countries of the world.

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