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Egypt is the mother of the world, and as the Greek historian Herodotus said in his famous saying, Egypt is the gift of the Nile. Yes, the origin of its existence is the Nile River and the determination and love of its children for that land that has given them the true meaning of life since ancient times. 

That great land is the land of civilization and ancient history. It is the land on which one of the greatest civilizations that passed through human history, the ancient Pharaonic civilization, whose traces are still lofty so far, bearing witness to the greatness of the ancient Egyptians, who defied all odds and remained steadfast in the face of time and its vicissitudes. 

Abu Simbel Tour From Aswan
Abu Simbel Tour From Aswan

Egypt and its geographical borders:

it is located in the heart of the continents of the ancient world, where the meeting point of the three major continents was in the past, Asia, Europe and Africa, where it is located in the middle of the Arab world. 

It is bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the south by Sudan, on the west by Libya, and from the east by the Red Sea and the State of Palestine.

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The location of Historic Egypt:

As we mentioned previously, it was the cradle of the greatest civilizations throughout history. Seven thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians were keen to build a solid foundation for one of the greatest countries in the ancient world. 

They took care of agriculture, industry and trade, and then many regimes such as Byzantine and Islamic rule followed it. 

the red sea
the red sea

Egypt’s political position: 

it enjoys a political position that it took from its geographical location in the heart of the ancient and modern world, as its presence was as a link between countries and at the confluence of two of the largest continents in the world. 

Best Resort on the Red Sea for Snorkeling
Best Resort on the Red Sea for Snorkeling

Egypt Tourist Site:

Because of its ancient history that lasted seven thousand years, for every historical era that Egypt passed through, immortal monuments so far attract tourists to visit Egypt and enjoy watching those monuments, the most important of which are the Pharaonic monuments such as the pyramids of Giza, the Temple of Ramses III and the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Moderate Egypt and its view of Bahrain is one of the most important seas, making it a resort for many who love nature.

The Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu
The Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu

Egypt’s place in the hearts of Egyptians is not enjoyed by any other country in the heart of its people, because the land of Egypt is pure and has given its people good and more than good, which is a feeling of safety, and therefore because of its geographical nature that protected it from invaders and colonizers and from any external attack. 

We cannot say that the love of egypt is limited only to the Egyptians, but that the whole world turns its eyes towards this part of the earth, and each one of them has a different reason than the other for the love of this country.


Some of them love it and come to it because of its mild weather and warm sun in the winter and moderate weather in the summer, and some of them come to flirt with the monuments and their historical fragrance, and some of them come to walk in the alleys and enjoy the old architecture, Hussein and Mrs. Nafisa and the old cafes that bear the authentic egyptian character. 

it will remain the first cradle of civilization, in which the greatest and oldest civilizations were established, as history has proven that it was built in the ages that preceded the knowledge of writing and codification. 

It was also associated with the ancient Pharaonic civilization, which is still immortal until now, and this civilization is considered the Egyptian icon that has no similar or equal, so all humanity from the ocean to the Gulf knows the splendor and virtue of it, as it will remain the mother of the world throughout the ages.


The importance of it and its effects for tourists 


it is the mother of any Arab country and it is the adornment of all countries and its beauty starts from the simplicity of its people and the fun despite the pain. 

And it has a great cultural depth that the mind is confused to think about. 

For example, we find that it has the famous Pharaonic monuments in the Abu Simbel area, where there are two large temples that were carved in the rock. 

Abu Simbel is located in the belly of the mountain south of the city of Aswan. It was built by King Ramses in the year one thousand two hundred and fifty BC.

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