Khufu is the well-known pharaoh of Egypt. (known to the Greeks as Cheops) And the owner of the Great Pyramid in the Giza Antiquities area, which the Greeks called (Cubes – also Sophis). He is the second king of the Fourth Dynasty from the era of the pyramid builders, and he ruled Egypt around 2600 BC.” He continued to rule the country for about 3 years.

king khufu
king khufu

king khufu


  • “Sneferu” father of “Khufu”: the father of “Khufu” is the pharaoh “Sneferu”, the owner of the Dahshur pyramid, which is about 30 kilometers from Cairo, and “Sneferu” is the founder of the Fourth Dynasty at the beginning of the era of building the pyramids, and he is the first pharaoh to send a naval fleet to  Phoenicia (present-day Lebanon), to bring cedar wood to be used in the manufacture of boats, furniture and wooden coffins. Remnants of this wood are still inside the pyramid of Sneferu, the father of Khufu.


The mother of King “Khufu” “Hetep – heris”: The mother of King “Khufu” is called the Queen “Hetep -heris”, and she is a prominent figure in the history of the Fourth Dynasty and even in the history of Egyptian women.  Sneferu, from whom she gave birth to King Khufu, the owner of the Great Pyramid. 

The mother of King “Khufu” has a unique story in her time, as it is believed that when she died, she died in her own tomb in the Dahshur antiquities area (30 km from Cairo), where her husband was pyramid, but there are hidden reasons that called her son King “Khufu” to transfer  Her body and the contents of her tomb from Dahshur to Giza, to be returned


He buried her again in a well about 30 meters deep below the surface of the earth for fear of grave thieves.  

Her tomb was found on the eastern side of the pyramid of Khufu, and the funerary furniture and contents of the tomb were found. It is a group of antiquities, a sign of splendor, the most important of which is a coffin of alabaster, ornaments and pots of gold, a bed, a beautiful jug of gold, and a set of knives of pure gold. 

Likewise, a small box made of alabaster was used to store adornment tools, which are utensils of perfumes and rollers of incense and kohl. However, one of the most wonderful things found was a wooden box inlaid with gold, on which was written in the hieroglyphic script saying: The royal daughter – the royal wife and the royal mother who, if  She asked for something that was done right now.

Khufu’s Pyramid 


The family of Khufu

 and the statesmen of his time: The mother, Khufu, was a blonde, blue-eyed daughter called “Morsi Ankh.” She was the wife of King Khafre, the builder of the second pyramid, and the son of King Khufu = and “Khufu” had several children, the most important of which was his son.  


The name “Daddaf-Ra” has a pyramid in Abu Rawash, 8 km from Giza, and his second son, “Khafre”, the builder of the second pyramid in Giza, and it is believed that “Menkare”, the owner of the third pyramid, was his son, which is incorrectly pronounced “Munkaure” and some scholars believe that he may be a grandson.  “Khufu”.


In the east of the Great Pyramid, there are three pyramids that are said to be the wives of King Khufu, according to some opinions, where he married more than one.  

The southern side of the pyramid were the tombs of artists, employees, management men and people with jobs associated with the royal palace. It was a precise system in distributing the tombs of people around the pyramid, each according to his ability.  

On the eastern side of the pyramid, it passes through two pits, when we call them sun boats, which are wooden boats that were placed in these pits carved in the rock. 

the great pyramid
the great pyramid

the story of King Khufu

 At the beginning of the fifties, two pits were found on the southern side of the pyramid of Khufu, one of which was opened, and inside it was found a disassembled cedar wood chariot with its beads and all the tools of the vehicle at that time. This vehicle is displayed in its own museum next to the Great Pyramid

About this is the story of King Khufu” and the magicians: “Khufu,” the owner of the Great Pyramid, like any ruler or Pharaoh, who rejoices, gets angry, grieves, and suffers depression like any human being.  


We have received a papyrus that speaks of the pharaoh, written in the ancient Egyptian language, which is very beautiful in the ancient stories.  


This story or group of tales is preserved in a papyrus in the Berlin Museum, and the theme of the papyrus is that the sons of King Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid, began telling him one after the other amazing hadiths about the work of magicians and what they could bring here. 

Miracles and what they can predict from the news of the unseen, what will happen in the future, and among these stories is the story of the magician – Dedi:


 Prince “Hoor-Daf” says to his father “Khufu” There is a magician living in your era.  He is 110 (one hundred and ten years old). This old magician eats 500 loaves of bread daily and an ox thigh of meat and drinks a hundred pots of beer until this day.  

He knows how to return a severed head to its place and knows how to make the lion walk behind him and his leash drags on the ground ….. the king asked.  

From his son to travel immediately by himself to bring him this magician .. So he took the ships and went down the Nile until he arrived in front of the village in which the magician lives.  Then they carried him on a palette of ebony, the bars of which were covered with gold. 

And when Prince “Hoor-Daf” arrived at the magician, he came down from his perch and found the magician Muhammad lying on a mat in front of his doorstep, and one of his servants grabbed his head and showed it to him.  There was another servant who rubbed his feet.

Al-Saar rose to receive the prince, who greeted him with the best greetings and congratulated him on his enjoyment of his health, and told him that he had been sent by his father, King Khufu, to bring him back to him to enjoy the best food enjoyed by those around him and to complete the king’s blessing after his death.  

The sorcerer Dede replied, “In safety – in safety, O Hur Daf, O son of the king whom his father loves.”  And he wanted to walk, so Hur-Daf helped him and went with him to the beach where she was. 

The ships are anchored there, and the magician “Deddy ” requested that they allocate a ship for him for his family and his books, so the Prince assigned him two ships.  When “Hoor-Daddaf” and with him the magician arrived at the palace, the pharaoh “Khufu” greeted him in the great pillared hall of the palace, and said to him: What is the reason that I have not seen you before now?  The magician replied: “Man will come when he utters.” And the magician Dede performed all these miracles in front of Pharaoh “Khufu” who pleased his heart so much and ordered the reward of this magician.


The clarity of this story is somewhat similar to the stories of the Thousand and One Nights, a story for entertainment and to bring happiness, fun and joy to the heart of the King of Egypt “Khufu” the builder of the Great Pyramid.  


The research in ancient Egyptian history, especially what is related to some social, political, religious and architectural cases, is interesting and useful, and it gives the reader fun and study of a distinguished people like the ancient Egyptian people, who left behind them abundant material in many aspects of life, useful for all generations and for all ages.

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