Leisure tourism in Egypt

Leisure tourism in Egypt ,Egypt has been famous throughout its history as a destination for many lovers of recreational tourism, which has now attracted a large number of tourists from different countries of the world due to the various recreational services it provides to its visitors and its stunning beaches full of treasures of rare coral reefs on the white and red Bahrain, in addition to the It is rich in unique religious and cultural monuments, as well as its mild climate in summer and winter.

Leisure tourism in Egypt
Leisure tourism in Egypt

Leisure tourism in Egypt

Egypt abounds with many areas and places that can be visited for recreational tourism, and among these areas is the Red Sea, which is characterized by its clear waters, colorful coral reefs.

rare fish and varying mountains extending in a long chain along the sea in which diving, snorkeling and other marine sports are practiced, as well as the North Coast. The abundance of new tourist villages that extend along its coast.


What is leisure tourism in Egypt?

Sinai is one of the most important and best places to visit for recreational tourism in Egypt due to its charming landscapes of hills, mountains and long beaches on the Gulf of Suez, Aqaba, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab, Nuweiba, and Ras Sidr where the water is purity and clarity in addition to its reefs. Multi-colored coral and rare colorful fish.

allowing tourists to relax on the beaches and practice various sports, including diving and fishing throughout the year, in addition to the availability of a network of roads and paths suitable for cycling and camel racing, in addition to mountain climbing.

Among the most important and best places that can be visited for the practice of recreational tourism in Egypt is Al-Arish Beach, which is known as “The Palm Beach”. From hotel and tourism projects.

The best recreational tourism places in Egypt

In addition to the beaches of the White, Red Bahrain and Sinai, Egypt enjoys the Nile River, which is an ideal destination for recreational tourism, which starts from quick trips by small boats through Nile cruises and ending with floating hotels. Aswan and then to Luxor again.

Touring the picturesque gardens and parks in Egypt’s main cities is the most important means of entertainment that you can enjoy during your leisure tourism trip in Egypt. Where you can visit such as Montazah Gardens in Alexandria and Al-Azhar Park in Cairo, shopping is one of the best entertainment options on your trip to Egypt, where you will find everything you wish for in traditional markets, modern shopping centers and elegant stores.

You will also find many cinemas in Cairo and other major cities and watch a movie or spend an unparalleled night in one of the city’s theaters or opera houses. As well as visiting many historical and archaeological sites and more in Egypt.

Egypt’s most important tourist and recreational cities

The cities of recreational tourism in Egypt are endless, but we will present the most important recreational tourism cities from our point of view, in which you can carry out many activities in addition to recreation and enjoyment and of course entertainment, and of course the choice is yours in the end.


The Mediterranean bride, who cannot come to Egypt and leave without visiting it, is characterized by wonderful recreational beaches, and Alexandria is not limited to beaches, but in every corner of Alexandria, you feel the religious, cultural and historical character of Egypt, influenced by the European, Italian and Greek styles.


The most important tourist places in Alexandria are:

The Library of Alexandria, which contains more than a million books.

Qaitbay Castle overlooking the sea from all directions.

The gardens of the Montazah Palace are the most prominent tourist attractions in Alexandria.

Wonderful beaches.

Religious attractions such as the Mosque of Sidi Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi and the Church of Saint Mina


Sharm El-Shaikh

Sharm El-Sheikh has recently been on the throne of the most visited Egyptian tourist places by foreign tourists, as it is characterized by the presence of coral reefs and fish in many wonderful colors and shapes, and Aqua Park to enjoy the water with family and children, and day-use clubs, and organizing activities for diving trips and all water sports such as water skiing And surfing.

sharm alshaikh
sharm alshaikh

The most important tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh are:

Naama Bay: A popular tourist product, both among local residents and foreign tourists.

Old Market: Selling souvenirs and handicrafts at reasonable prices.

One Thousand and One Nights: A closed park that displays wonderful sound and light shows that tell the history of Egypt.

Organizing cruises: through which you can visit the Ras Mohammed reserve, and enjoy watching coral reefs that are more than 20 million years old.



The most important tourist places in Aswan are:

Abu Simbel Temple: Aswan’s most famous temple and everyone wishes to visit it.

Medical tourism areas: Aswan is famous for what is known as medical tourism or healing in natural and environmental ways.

Nubia Museum: It includes artifacts that tell about the pharaonic, modern and contemporary history of Egypt.

Philae Island: includes the remains of pharaonic temples.

Nile cruises: The most popular and most enjoyable Nile cruises are the trips you take in Aswan

Leisure tourism cities 

Leisure tourism in Egypt


  One of the most important areas of tourism in Egypt, whether for internal or external tourism, due to the splendor of its beaches, coral reefs, and natural islands in this city.


The most important tourist places in Hurghada:

El Gouna: a comprehensive tourist resort filled with international places such as: the international golf course and the city of Downtown.

Sahl Hasheesh: The finest and most beautiful tourist areas in Egypt.

Giftun Island: A natural island where you can practice diving and watch the most beautiful marine creatures.

El Sakkala: The most lively area in Hurghada, and everything you need will be found in El Sakkala district.

In short, the open museum, where you can feel the spirit of the tales and legends that we have always listened to and add a story to it, which is your story in Luxor.



The most important tourist places in Luxor:

Karnak Temple: which includes many temples and a lot of legends.

Luxor Temple: You can see in it the two statues of King Ramses at the entrance, and the shrine of Alexander the Great.

Valley of the Kings and Queens: It includes the tomb of Tutankhamun, Ramses III and VI, and the tomb of Queen Nefertari.

Deir el-Bahari Temple: One of the funerary temples.


The administrative capital of Egypt, the highest city in the presence of tourists, catering to the needs of various tourists, including historical, recreational and religious places and shopping centers.

The most important tourist places in Cairo:

Moez Street

The Egyptian Museum: It includes 150,000 artifacts that tell the history of Egypt and a room for mummies.

Cairo Tower: The tallest building in Cairo, with a height of approximately 187 meters.

Salah El-Din Citadel: It was built during the Crusades and contains the Mosque of Muhammad Ali.

The Egyptian Opera House: For lovers of art and beauty.

The Religions Complex: which includes Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque, Ibn Ezra Synagogue, Abu Sefein Church, and many other churches.

Al Moez Li Din Allah Al Fatimi Street, Khan Al Khalili, Al Hussein: Popular markets filled with handicrafts and religious monuments.

Leisure tourism in Egypt


One of the most famous tourist strongholds in Egypt, where it is strongly linked to the landmarks of Pharaonic history.

The most important tourist places in Giza:

The Three Pyramids and the Sphinx: The most important tourist attractions in Egypt, world famous, closely linked to the name of Egypt.

Saqqara Pyramid: It houses the tomb of King Djoser.

The Pharaonic Village: One of the most beautiful tourist interfaces in Egypt, which makes you live a tale of history and feel as if it is happening in front of you.


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