The Wali Age of Rashdin

The Wali Age of Rashdin It was continued for almost 17 years and it had 6 walis among them

– Amr Ibn Al-as 

(conquest of Egypt – Establishment of AlFustat – Redug of Suez Canal which was known as Amir Al Momenin Gulf- building his great mosque).

The Wali Age of Rashdin
The Wali Age of Rashdin

– Abd Allah Ibn Saad

He was the milk brother of Uthman, During his time as governor of Egypt (646 to 656 A.D.), he built a strong Egyptian Arab navy. Under his leadership the Muslim navy won a number of victories including its first major naval battle against the Byzantine emperor Constans II. When Uthman became caliph in 644 A.D., he appointed Abdallah governor of Egypt replacing ‘Amr ibn al-‘As, with Muhammad ibn Hudhaifa as his aide. 


The Umayyad Wali Age:


– It continued till 132A.H.

– It had around 32 walis among them was the first wali Amr Ibn

Elas in his second rule when he was reappointed by the caliph

Muawiyah I.

– Qurra ibn Sharik al-Absi was the governor of Egypt in 709–715 A.D., rebuilt the mosque of Fustat and began irrigation works in the desert. 

– Ayyub ibn Sharhabil was the governor of Egypt in 717–720, he was appointed by Umar II, His period of office was marked by Umar’s piety-driven reforms, aimed at supporting the Muslims and spreading Islamization across the Caliphate.

– Abd al-Aziz ibn Marwan: his reign was marked by stability and prosperity, He was the brother of the caliph. Marwan I had named Abd al-Aziz his second heir after his elder brother Abd al-Malik. Abd al-Malik, however, wanted his son al-Walid I to succeed him, and Abd al-Aziz was persuaded not to object to this change. In the event, Abd al-Aziz died shortly before Abd al-Malik, He is most notable for his twenty-year-long tenure as governor (wali) of Egypt, from AH 65 to his death in AH 86. When the plague struck Fustat in 690, he moved the seat of his government to the nearby town of Hulwan. 

– AbdElmalk ibn Musa bin Nusayr was the last Wali during the Umayyad caliphate in 132 A.H, and he witnessed the defeat of the last Umayyad Caliph MarwanII. 

The Abbasid Wali Age:

– 78 walis were appointed by the caliphs of the first Abbasside era (golden age) and till the independence trail of Ibn Tulun in 254A.H. 

– The first wali, Saleh Ibn Ali, was appointed by Caliph al Mansour and Abi Awn in his aide, then he left the rule to his vice, and then Saleh Ibn Ali was re-appointed again.

– Musa Ibn Isa was one of the Walis during the Abbasid caliphate and he was famous for his fair treatment of Copts.

 – Ahmed ibn Muzahem was last ruler before the coming of Ibn Tulun with his step father in 254 A.H.

Mausoleum (Darih) of Abdullah Ibn Amr 

The mausoleum situated at the southern angle of the qibla riwaq below a dome, is of the noticeable features of this mosque. It is attributed to Abdullah Ibn Amr, although the historical references and the migrators did not confirm that, and moreover, they did not agree on the country where this honorable companion was buried. The historian Ibn Deqmaq called this mausoleum zawyet Amr and mentioned the existence of 4 columns and a minaret.


 Who is Abdullah Ibn Amr? 

He is known as ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘Ās, he embraced Islam, in the seventh year of the Hijra,He was from the Sahm branch of the tribe of Quraish. His father was the famous companion ‘Amr ibn al-Ās Abdullah memorized the whole Qurân and was able to read and write. He was one of the few companions who wrote down the words of the prophet during his lifetime. He reported 700 hadith, Hadith is one of the sciences of the Islamic religion

The Wali Age of Rashdin

what is The Wali Age of Rashdin?

who are The Wali Age of Rashdin?

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