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tourist guide


Tourist guidance is one of the most important areas of work in different countries. Every country in the world has a variety of tourist guides, those attractions that attract thousands of tourists to learn about its history and conditions of its establishment, and other details of interest to the tourist, which means that they need a complete guide to get Adequate information, especially for history lovers and those who are passionate about it, and this is the task of the tour guide.  see here

The skills of the tour guide are not limited only to his knowledge of history books, and his limited culture of tourist attractions, but the tour guide needs to provide a set of additional skills, in order to become distinguished in The field of tourism guidance, and achieve the desired success.

tourist guide
tourist guide

tourist guide


The tour guide is the person responsible for informing the tourist about the heritage, and fully revealing the details of the monuments, by listing all the historical details related to antiquity. It is worth noting that the professional tour guide must speak a range of languages , so that he is able to communicate with most of the nationalities he deals with.


The role of the tour guide differs from that of the tour manager. The person who manages the tours plays the role of executing the program’s instructions only, while the guide is the comprehensive guide for the tourist, who is resorted to in case he wants to learn about the details of the trip landmarks, and this makes him a flexible and knowledgeable person, in addition To the need for him to have enough culture and tact, so that he can answer all the questions directed to him.


It is noteworthy that the responsibility of the tour guide may be greater than simply listing a set of information, as this person bears a set of responsibilities that ultimately benefit the success of the entire trip. The higher the skills of the tour guide, the higher the success rate of the entire trip.


Types of tour guides

The classification of tour guides is determined by the nature of the tourist destination to which they are headed. Therefore, we find that the types of tour guides are multiple, and they may be as follows:


Heritage guide: The first type of tour guides are the ancient heritage guides, those who provide information on historical events, forts, castles, shrines and artifacts dating back thousands of years, in addition to informing the tourist of ancient civilizations and archaeological sites, as well as architecture in various ages.


Cultural guide: The cultural guide differs from the historical guide, as the mission of the cultural guide is to inform the tourist about the way of life within the community, and the most important foods and drinks consumed by the people of that country, as well as the most important customs and traditions that represent the residents of the country being visited.

 It is worth noting that the religious guide is considered a branch of the cultural guide. 

This guide is tasked with providing religious information about the country, as well as information about the gods believed in by the people of this country, and religious prohibitions, in addition to the most important myths and rituals that the people of this country follow. .


Adventure Guide: This tour guide is available on mountain climbing tours, snowboarding trips, and other excursions such as scuba diving.


Hunting trip guide: This guide is available on safari trips, in countries that allow fishing.

Business Guide: This guide is available in business tourism, as it accompanies the tourist to the most important events, conferences and meetings.


Nature guide: The tour guide working on nature tours informs the tourist of the most important landmarks of deserts, prairies and botanical gardens of all kinds.


It is worth noting that there are other types of tour guides, such as cruise guides, and those accompanying golf, shopping and hotels trips, all of which are different categories that work in the field of tourist guides.


Tour guide skills

The tour guide must have a set of skills, those skills that qualify him to succeed in his career.


Cartoon Young And Old Tourists Group At Excursion With Tour Guide Girl With Flag
Cartoon Young And Old Tourists Group At Excursion With Tour Guide Girl With Flag


Communication skills: The tour guide must have strong communication skills, those skills that will allow him to deal with others on a daily basis, as the communication skills are represented in presenting the voice audibly to groups, as well as a simplified way of conveying information to the tourist, with good communication with those around.

Audacity: Having audacity is one of the skills of a successful tour guide. A bold person is able to deal with a group of strangers with great comfort and affection, which makes the tourist more understanding of the information provided to him, and makes him not shy about submitting questions.


Iron memory: Having a strong memory is one of the skills that every tourist guide must have. The process of narrating historical events, or narrating the customs and traditions of countries, is something that requires an iron memory, as this memory will help the guide to answer the questions of tourists without looking at the written appendix. .


The ability to improvise: Increasing the enthusiasm of the tour will not be complete without possessing the skill of improvisation, the skill that helps the guide more to add additional comments during his tour.


The ability to relieve stress: The tour guide can relieve the tension of tourists during their tour, by following a smooth humorous style, in line with all the cultures he deals with on a daily basis, in addition to adding energy and enthusiasm to the tourists on the tour.


Punctuality: It is indispensable, as this is not just a skill, but rather an integral part of the personalities of senior leaders and officials in general, and it is also one of the skills related to work in the field of tourism guidance.


Knowing local people: Having close relationships with local people increases the professionalism of the tour guide.


Passion: Conducting exemplary tours requires the presence of the passion factor of the tour guide, as passion will generate in the guide a distinct sense of love for his work, which will make him more advanced and professional in his profession.


Tour guide attributes

tourist guide..
tourist guide..

The profession of a tour guide requires the availability of a set of features, these features are:


Flexibility: The tour guide’s flexibility will make him more able to adapt to different circumstances and situations.


Culture: One of the main features that a tour guide must have is his culture, as culture will expand his perceptions, make him more self-confident in front of tourists, in addition to increasing his ability to answer questions directed to him by tourists.


Commitment: the tour guide enjoys the quality of commitment that makes him more able to succeed in work.


Enjoying the smile: The tour guide enjoyed the smile and positive energy that makes him more professional. Controlling emotions based on the smile on the face is one of the characteristics of the creative and professional at work.


Organizing: Having the status of organization will increase the benefit of the tours, so the tour guide must have this capacity.


The most important rules of tourist guides


The tourist guide consists of the following rules:


Advance Preparation: Most tour guides specialize in a specific geographic area and usually know that area well, but sometimes the itinerary can be different from what they are used to, so it is important to check expectations and be sure of the details of the itinerary.


Good communication with customers: One of the most important rules of tourist guides is good communication with tourists, in order to identify their most prominent aspirations for tourist tours, in order to reach those aspirations and achieve what they wish for.


Attention to details: Paying attention to all the details of the tour is one of the responsibilities of the tour guide, as the details of the trip must be taken into account, and making sure that all the information that the tourist wants to know are listed, in order to satisfy the tourist’s passion and his happy exit from this tour is one of the main tasks that fall on the shoulders of the tour guide.

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