Who built the pyramids

Who built the pyramids


The history of building the pyramids The pyramids were built at the time of the civilization of ancient Egypt, which was classified as one of the richest and most powerful civilizations in the world. 

The Pyramids were built in the fourth century AD, and the construction of the pyramids spread during the era of the Third Dynasty, and continued until the Sixth Dynasty approximately, i.e. about 2325 BC.

Who built the pyramids
Who built the pyramids


Building the pyramids of Giza

The pyramids of Giza were built by many ancient pharaohs about 5,000 years ago, in order to build tombs for rulers, and in preparation for the next world according to their ancient beliefs, and among the most famous pyramids of Giza that were built are the following


Pyramid of Khufu: 

The construction of the first pyramid began by Pharaoh Khufu in approximately 2551 BC, and its pyramid is considered the largest in Giza, with a height of 138 meters.

Who built the pyramids
Who built the pyramids

 Khafre’s Pyramid:


The pyramid of Khafre was built around 2520 BC, and it is slightly smaller than the pyramid of Khufu, and scholars believe that the statue of the Sphinx, which is located near the pyramid of Khafre, was also built by King Khafre, and that the face of the statue represents the face of the Sphinx

Who built the pyramids, khafre pyramid
Who built the pyramids, khafre pyramid


The pyramid of Menkaure

The pyramid of Menkaure was built by Pharaoh Menkaure in 2490 BC, and it is much smaller than the pyramid of Khufu and Khafre, and it is noteworthy that this pyramid includes a temple for the dead

history of egypt
Who built the pyramids, menkaure pyramid

Techniques for building the pyramids 

The pyramids are considered among the engineering wonders that it is difficult for scientists to ascertain how they were built, as the Egyptian workers were distinguished by possessing great skills, and archaeological excavations at the site revealed that the ancient Egyptian society that built the pyramids is a highly organized society, rich in resources.

How were the pyramids built
How were the pyramids built

Many techniques have developed in building the pyramids over the centuries, so that the pyramids were initially built as small rectangular tombs and simple, while these pyramids were developed in the era of Pharaoh Djoser by starting to build the pyramids consisting of six layers containing tunnels and underground rooms, and the following was followed More modern techniques later, especially during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu, who built at least three pyramids, through the development of engineers during his reign of methods that contributed to the design of the pyramids


The reason for building the pyramids 


The ancient Egyptians believed that kings were chosen by the gods to be mediators between them and the people on earth, so it was in their interest to keep the king’s body intact even after his death, as it was believed in the past that part of the king’s soul known as Ka  remains with his body, and until his soul is properly cared for, they embalm the bodies of kings, burying everything they need with them in the afterlife; such as golden vessels, food, furniture, and building the pyramids as tombs for these kings.


The history of building the pyramids 


The pyramids in Egypt are the real pyramids, although this term was applied to similar structures in other countries. The Egyptian pyramids are distinguished by their square base and triangular sides, where the sides are formed upwards at an angle of approximately 50 degrees from the surface of the earth. 


The first pyramid was during the period from 2680 to 2565 BC, then the step pyramid was built in Saqqara in the year 2620 BC, and each Pharaonic king built a special pyramid in it to keep his embalmed body away from the eyes of people, so that it was built of mud bricks It has a stone cover, and it took many years to build due to the lack of advanced machinery at that time

Who built the pyramids

The three pyramids of Giza in Cairo are the largest and best of their kind in the world, whose construction began in 2680 BC, as they were built from stone blocks of limestone, and many pyramid structures were built in Mesopotamia, and the Maya of Mexico, which were built from severe blocks The decline, and the pyramids of Central America, as the Romans built small pyramid tombs for them from concrete covered with marble, and the pyramid of Cestius in Rome is the most famous


The most important pyramids in the world


 Many civilizations built the pyramids in different parts of the world, and the largest and most important of these pyramids are the following:

The Great Pyramid of Julula in Mexico, which is the largest pyramid in the world.

The giant pyramid of Khufu in Egypt, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Khafre’s pyramid in Egypt.

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